Textbooks of ENT: A Comparative Review

As a part of my comparative review series of all textbooks for undergraduate medical subjects, I am adding this article about Textbooks of ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) which are best content wise, most read by students, recommended by seniors and professors and are available in market. I am including both UG and PG level books for both theory and practicals (clinical methods) but students are advised only to read UG level books for their UG exams.

UG Books

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat by P.L. Dhingra Cover

Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat by P.L. Dhingra (Recommended)

This is the most read book by all UG medical students for ENT subject. It includes various sections including Ear, Nose & Paranasal sinuses, Oral Cavity, Salivary Glands, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, Thyroid and Esophagus disorders. Each topic is given in enough details needed for UG students and concise enough to read quickly and recollect in exam. It also gives sections of Recent advances in ENT which gives details about latest techniques and methods in ENT. A section on clinical methods of examination, Operative techniques and Instruments for practical exam preparation. This was my main book which I used to read for ENT in my UG days. In an all best book available for ENT and a must read for all students.

Ear Nose Throat Simplified by Dr. Bachi T. Hathiram, Dr.D.S.Grewal (Recommended)

This book is alternative to Dhingra. What makes this book different is its more exam oriented approach. It gives a description of topics in pointwise manner, which makes it very easy for students to read and recollect in exam.  I used to use this book as an alternative to Dhingra for some topics which are given better in this book. Students should have a look at both books and chose one according to their liking.

PG Books

I am going to mention few book below which are actually PG level but could be used by students for reference purpose if they feel need of it. Clinical methods books are detailed versions for PG students and so much details are not needed to be known by UG students, as weightage of ENT subject in 3rd MBBS Part I is very low. Also clinical methods, operative procedures and instruments in above mentioned books (Dhingra & BTH) are more than enough for UG medical exams preparation.

Clinical Methods in ENT by PT Wakode

Clinical Methods In ENT by B S Tuli

Clinical ENT Made Easy: A Guide to Clinical Examination by D. Balakrishnan

Clinical and Operative Methods in ENT and Head & Neck Surgery: A Systematic Approach by Produl Hazarika

Essential ENT by Corbridge

Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis by Tony R. Bull

If students have more recommendation or have points to add to those I have mentioned, please comment below.

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