PG Medical Counselling: Tricks of Giving Preference to Institutes

PG Medical Counselling

Every year after doing hard work of months and years students clear entrance exams to enter post-graduate (PG) medical course of their liking. After hard work of clearing the exams students face another dilemma of which subject to choose or in a subject of their liking, which institute to choose from hundreds of medical institutes all over India. It is not practically possible for students to know details about each and every institute in India.

Here I am going to tell you few tricks of how to choose an institute over other just by looking at previous year’s counselling allotment lists. Tricks lies in the fact that many students have already researched about institutes before taking admission out there and after taking admission they may leave that institute for some other institute for various reasons. Reasons could be things like talking to residents of the joined institutes and them helping the student in knowing the quality of teaching or patient load in that institute which could help students in determining whether they should retain the seat or apply for upgradation. Also residents know about other institutes and their quality which might also be helpful for the student. A thing to remember is that if a student gets a good seat from a good institute then he/she will always retain it and not apply for upgradation in subsequent rounds.

Following are few example of interest I have taken from National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) PG 2013  counselling but these tricks apply to all counsellings like AIPGMEE, AIIMS, DNB, DNB PD-CET, FNB, PGI, JIPMER, state levels counselling  or any other medical counselling for that matter.

MD Radiodiagnosis from LTMC to GSMCIn this example Rank 29 of NEET PG 2013 has chosen to upgrade MD Radio-Diagnosis from LT Medical College, Mumbai to Seth GS Medical college. This a a widely known fact for students from Mumbai or Maharashtra that GSMC is better than LTMC but it might be not known to a student who are not from Maharashtra. So this seat upgradation from LTMC to GSMC shows that that student has preferred GSMC over LTMC in preference form filling and it’s logical to believe that GSMC is better than LTMC when it comes to MD Radio-Diagnosis.

MD Medicine UCMS to MAMC

In this example two student (Rank 34 and 36) has got upgraded from University college of Medical Science, New Delhi to Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi for MD General medicine. Not again this might be a well-known fact for Students from New Delhi but not to students of may be South India (not in this case as MAMC is widely known to be one of the best institutes in India). So MAMC is better for MD Medicine than UCMS in this example.

MD Medicine from VMMC to MAMCIn this example Rank 81 student got upgraded from VMMC & SJ Hospital, New Delhi to MAMC for MD General Medicine. So this tells up again that MAMC is better than VMMC for MD Medicine.

MD paediatrics from LHMC to MAMCIn this example Rank 108 got upgraded from Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi to MAMC for MD Paediatrics in 2nd round of counselling. This shows that for MD paediatrics MAMC is better than LHMC.

MD OBGY UCMS to MAMCIn this example Rank 311 got upgraded from UCMS, New Delhi to MAMC for MD Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2nd round. So MAMC is again better than UCMS for MD Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

MD Medicine CSJM to SMSMCIn this example Rank 425 got upgraded from C.S.J.M. Medical Iniversity, Lucknow to S.M.S. Medical college, Jaipur in 2nd round. So SMS Medical college is better than CSJM for MD Medicine.

MD Medicine and MD paediatricsIn this example Rank 452 got upgraded from TNMC to LTMC for MD medicine and Rank 453 got upgraded from LHMC to UCMS for MD Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

There are hundreds of such examples in alottments list of all previous All India Counsellings which could be easily analyzed by students and accordingly preferences can be filled by the students. Also one thing which students should always keep in ming when applying this analysis to different state institutes is that students tend to prefer institutes in their own states or cities as they do not want to go to a distant state or city. So this trick applies best to institutes from same cities or states (For example upgradation from LHMC, Delhi to MAMC, Delhi holds more value in analysis than that of GSMC, Mumbai to LHMC, Delhi).

Also this same trick could be applied to specialities, as students always prefer to take branches which are high in earning, low in work load and having god quality of life after completing the PG course.

For students who have done mistakes in preference form filling in 1st round can rectify it in fresh preference for filling before 3rd round of counselling.

For any doubts about preference form filling, subjects or institutes you can ask it in our forum here or leave a comment below and we will answer it with our best efforts and knowledge.

To download previous years AIPGMEE results and counselling lists visit following links.

AIPGMEE 2012 Results



  1. Avatar
    Dr. Shiv February 08, 2015

    Thanks Dr. Koli.. Can you plz post an update on the names of the colleges with MD Radio and MD Derma, based on their merit…

  2. Avatar
    Dr. p mahrsh March 25, 2015

    Hai sir, if we do dnb radiotherapy, are there any super special city’s to do?
    Packages after doing dnb radiotherapy? Plz help me sir.

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli March 31, 2015

      There is no mention of any DNB Superspeciality courses in DNB SS information brochure. A good candidate earns about 1 lakh/ month from what I have heard.

  3. Avatar
    jitendra cgourasiya May 12, 2015

    Sir ur awesome…u r helping out majority of every aspect..thanx a lot sir..salute

  4. Avatar
    Birendra singh February 09, 2016

    my daughter got 737 rank in AIPG in her first attempt.she want to dropped because she wants RADIOLOGY .Please help me.

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 09, 2016

      That is a very good rank. Kindly do not ask her to repeat next year. Entrance exams are very unpredictable. She has a good rank, dropping for one more year does not make any sense.

  5. Avatar
    Rajshekhar February 20, 2016

    Pls give me a preference order for MS ortho for rank 1667. In states acc. To last year councelling in states like asaam, hp,punjaab, rajastan, bihar

  6. Avatar
    kumar March 05, 2016

    hi sir, can u give me preference list of colleges for radiotherapy… will be helpful….thank u
    also kindly tell me what to prefer….md pulmonology in pvt institute or md radiotherapy from govt institute
    thank u

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli March 06, 2016

      I think it is better to go for Radiotherapy in a good institute. Top one is Tata in Mumbai. I think GMC Nagpur is one of the top. I don’t know about other institutes.

  7. Avatar
    PoojaH. March 16, 2016

    Sir my AIR- 20689 sc cat- 1224. Sir what course can I get? Any possibility of M.D.obgy or Ms. Ophthal ?

  8. Avatar
    Faizy June 03, 2016

    Can Any body give details of Md pulmonary medicine scope in india and abroad?

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