Online Test Series to Crack PG/AIIMS / DNB / FMGE Entrance Exams

Completing Your Syllabus for (PG/AIIMS / DNB / FMGE) Entrance Exam is the Biggest challenge any PG aspirant faces.
On the Top of that revision is a nightmare.
There is no dearth of material in the market and many times it’s the huge amount of material available which is the root cause of the problem.
For those students who really struggle to complete the syllabus (Well before time so that he has enough time for revision and solving previous year papers) Medicoapps ( has come up with Unique program wherein they have taken care of all the typical challenges faced by (PG/AIIMS / DNB / FMGE) Entrance preparing students.

They have started to program to help you complete your syllabus in 6 Months.
Here is a brief about it
They have divided entire 20 subjects into 75 Modules.
For Each module, there is a Small PDF (10-12 Pages) and 1 All India Test (See the Date sheet Here) .
You have 2 days to complete the PDF (Which has all the important points asked in various exam-like AIIMS/DNB/NEET/NBE/FMGE/State Level Exams) and current Updates.

Then there are about 20 All India Full-Length Tests on various exam pattern.
And they are regularly sending short video lectures (5-7 minutes) on various important topics to help you also take care of important basic topics.

Moreover, about 1300 students have already joined the Program.

They Cost of the entire program is 3999/-
I have talked to them and for Desimedicos Readers, they are Giving a special discount (Only to First 10 Members Only) of Rs. 999/- .
The discount code is desimedicos

If you are struggling with completing your syllabus (Because there are so much to study with so much study material around that it is difficult to figure out what to learn and what to leave) or revision is your biggest challenge I seriously suggest you JOIN this program.

Click Here to Pay and Join the Program

Link to Resources

Introductory Video
(To Explain Everything about Test Series )
Direct Link

Basic of Succes Video (How to Prepare for PG Exams – Basic Points)
Direct Link

NEET PG Latest Exam Pattern (To see how question papers are formed)
Direct Link

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