Last Rank of Degree Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for AI Quota

PG Medical Counselling

During counselling for Post Graduate Medical courses admission students have doubts regarding which subject can be got at their rank. This can be best known by analyzing counselling allotment of previous few years but students usually do not have that much time to analyze those long list of documents.

So help students in this matter i have created a comparison chart by which students can easily  known at what rank a seat has gone in years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 so that they could decide their counselling preference filling more efficiently. I have also included categories like UR (Un-Reserved), SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe) and OBC (Other Backward Caste) for much more insight in counsellings. I have not included PH (Physically Handicapped) category because it was practically impossible to include that data in one single file and would have led to unnecessary confusion and lengthening of data.

At the time of writing this article only Round 1 of All India counselling allotment has been published for year 2014 but in future i will update this article for Round 2 and Round 3 as well. I have also included some points to remember from these PG medical allotment which will be helpful for students in the end of this article. (Updated with AIPG 2014 Counseling Round 2, Round 3, extended Round 3 allotment Data and AIPG 2015 Round 1 allotment data)

Last Rank of Degree Courses Allotted in PG Medical Counselling for All India Quota of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015

CatAIPG 2012
Round 1
Round 2Round 3AIPG (NEET) 2013
Round 1
Round 2Round 3Round 4AIPG 2014
Round 1
Round 2Round 3Round 3 ExtendedAIPG 2015
Round 1
Round 2
SubjectCatRound 1
AIPG 2012
Round 2Round 3Round 1
AIPG (NEET) 2013
Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 1
AIPG 2014
Round 2Round 3Round 3 ExtendedRound 1
AIPG 2015
Round 2
FORENSIC MEDICINEUR77348716111639316114641002913950137061559116654230941285814366
PREVENTIVE & SOCIAL MEDICINEUR66367993871281358755-11670119251374412389190001051812110
GENERAL MEDICINEUR1647182219062092218223163134191620851760222117472017
EMERGENCY AND CRITICAL CAREUR16741906-16701834278433053113-2415-25262232
TUBERCULOSIS & RESP. DISEASESUR2013216625232698284830884246266826692497281623712812
GERIATRIC MEDICINEUR1269217822721390--2776148615101596-14832661
PHYSICAL MED. & REHABILITATIONUR404245594517536858235769782550855297-599269765224
DERMATOLOGY +UR1631150315471402148620031831160616951777149716791825
GENERAL SURGERYUR2660287131023330348736715031333133983030343028643186
OBST. & GYNAE.UR2658283930803134301332114406342033252909328128973164
NUCLEAR MEDICINEUR500419-541-772-776784--827931
TRANSFUSION MEDICINEUR3084304539234506489849537045557157355990648660566658
TROPICAL MEDICINEUR27102867349629444129432459924192--551739804777
"-" in the fields means data was not available in allotment lists or no seat was allotted to that category in that particular round.
Cutoff for students with both caste and PH reservation have very low cutoff which i have not included as it is a rare category.

Trends in Round 1 of AIPG 2015 Counseling


A trend in Round 1 of AIPG 2015 counseling which can be noticed is that although total number of seats have been increased, the last rank at which a seat as gone has increased for most of the subjects (mainly clinical subjects). So cut-off is higher for most of the subjects in 1st round of AIPG 2015 counseling. Some big examples I would like to mention are MS Ophthalmology (Last rank 4066 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 3187 in Round 1 AIPG 2015), MS General Surgery (Last rank 3331 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 2864 in Round 1 AIPG 2015) and MD Anaesthesiology (Last rank 4781 in Round 1 AIPG 2014 and Rank 4049 in Round 1 AIPG 2015). This trend can mainly to linked to unpredictability of this NBE and Prometric conducted exam along with every year a case being filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court for changes in counseling schedule and method. These things are probably forcing students to secure a seat in 1st round of counseling itself.

Trends in Round 2 of AIPG 2015 Counseling

Trends in Round 2 of AIPG 2015 counseling for degree courses were similar to one in round 1 for some subjects but different for others. Cutoff of some of the degree PG medical seats were at higher rank when compared to Round 2 of AIPG 2014 counseling or counseling of years previous to AIPG 2014 and some were at significantly lower ranks. Few examples of comparison between Round 2 of AIPG 2014 and 2015 counselings for open category students are, MD Geriatric Medicine (last rank of 1510 in 2014 and 2661 in 2015), MD Psychiatry (last rank of 5050 in 2014 and 8869 in 2015) and MS General Surgery (last rank of 3398 in 2014 and 3186 in 2015). This could probably be linked to Hon’ble Supreme Court order of carrying out Round 1 of state counselings before AIPG 2015 Round 2.


Points to Remember

  1. Seats like MD Radiology when taken by students are withdrawn by students, so in subsequent rounds sometimes cutoff is higher than that is 1st round.
  2. For seats like MD Nuclear medicine, MD Geriatric Medicine, MD Emergency Medicine & Critical care only few seats are allotted to each category so cutoff will not include categories to which seats were not allotted.
  3. “Dermatology +” sections includes MD Dermatology, MD Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy and MD Skin VD.
  4. In 2013 NEET and extra round (4th round) was conducted in special situation as directed by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. So data of that Round is not reliable for prediction because that was 1st time in history that a 4th round was conducted that too after almost 7-8 months after conducting exam and many students prefered to prepare for next year’s exam which was only few months away.
  5. Every year there is increase in PG seats, so cutoff gets lower each time.
  6. States with low stipend, higher number of post PG government service and high amount of bond are not preferred by students.
  7. Eligible ST students usually gets clinical seats at their ranks, so Subjects like Anatomy, Physiology ,Biochemistry etc which are allotted to their category are usually left vacant.
  8. OBC students have cut off almost similar to unreserved students and majority of time they get allotted seats from UR category.
  9. In extended Round 3 of AIPG 2014 counseling rank shift is more in less demand subjects and in reserved seats compared to previous rounds of same year and Round 4 of NEET 2013.

You can download PDF file of above data table from our forum here. File has been password protected to prevent plagiarism and to protect our hard work and copyright.

Also counselling allotment lists of previous years can be found in our forum as well.

For data table of Diploma courses allotments of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 click here

Updated on 26-04-2015


  1. Avatar
    siddhi sane October 24, 2015

    sir thank u so much.. i lost dnb nuclear medicine last year due to confusion and undermining the seat matrix .. will make it a point to attend counselling this year.

      • Avatar
        rajendran May 21, 2016


  2. Avatar
    neeta February 05, 2016

    Is there any possibility to get diploma course or pg in any sub ;as my All India is around 44000 and around 5000 among sc cat

  3. Avatar
    gh February 05, 2016

    my aipgmee 2016 category rank is 939 …. score 962
    can I get MD medicine in chandigarh GMC.

  4. Avatar
    Suresh Kumar February 06, 2016

    Sorry sir hw for this data s reliable….mu air 8724…obc 2524….any clinicals wil i get…pls do reply sir…really frustrated

  5. Avatar
    dr vasu February 06, 2016

    My gen rank 6810 what my possibilities

      • Avatar
        Ashish Nadda March 18, 2016

        my daughter appeared for aipgmee and her category rank is 716.what will be the best choices for her?

  6. Avatar
    Prasanna February 06, 2016

    18800 any chance of getting any branch in UR

  7. Avatar
    Varun February 06, 2016

    sir my general rank is 2766 category rank 68. any chances of general surgery in kem?

  8. Avatar
    santosh verma February 06, 2016

    hello sir, my obc rank in aipg is 7946. there is any chance to get any clinical or nonclinical seat. plz reply..

  9. Avatar
    piya February 06, 2016

    Is there any possibility to get diploma course or pg in any sub ;as my All India is around 30563 and around 2264 among sc cat

  10. Avatar
    Ankit agrawal February 07, 2016

    Sir in general category at 1766 rank medicine is possible?

  11. Avatar
    Mahesh February 07, 2016

    sir, with rank 3308, is ms general surgery possible from a decent college, with this year’s counselling? ur Category..

  12. Avatar
    AD February 07, 2016

    sir dnb rank 7993..any chance??.. also comedk rank 707 open category..pls help sir

  13. Avatar
    Abhay121 February 07, 2016

    My sc category rank is 1320, any chance of getting any clinical seat anywhere in India?

  14. Avatar
    Kaelisy February 07, 2016

    St rank in 640.any chance of obgy

  15. Avatar
    revathi February 07, 2016

    My all india rank is 2008 n dnb 797.i am interestd in paed n med…is it possible to get thru all india? Or.shud i opt dnb

  16. Avatar
    Abhi February 08, 2016

    Sir rank 11593 unreserved any chances? Whch branch?

  17. Avatar
    uthira February 08, 2016

    uthira,my air is 26620 .obc catogery rank is 8077 can i get any clinical degree

  18. Avatar
    Animesh February 08, 2016

    Sir my tank is 5748…general category….any degree course

  19. Avatar
    Kaustubh February 08, 2016

    Sir my AIR 40800 ..ST CAT rank 1126 can i get any seat degree or diploma??

  20. Avatar
    Raji February 08, 2016

    Rank 16000_general category..any thing can I gt???

      • Avatar
        Ritika February 08, 2016

        any chance in diploma? or in third round counseling of getting any subject other than anatomy? please help… i m very tensed

        • Avatar
          Amit February 09, 2016

          Sir my aipg general rank is 43000 and sc rank is 4889.. is there any chance af getting fair clinical diploma

        • Avatar
          Vijay March 11, 2016

          Hello sir,my Aipgee 2016 rank is 18300.can I get any branch..please be detail if possible

  21. Avatar
    SOMSUBHRO February 09, 2016

    Sir at 4412 gen cat rank what clincal degree n diploma can i get? Can i get md anestheseia

  22. Avatar
    prince February 09, 2016

    Air 3256. ur category . can I get Ms general surgery considering only 2 round of counselling this year ?

  23. Avatar
    pratibha February 09, 2016

    My aipgmee rank 1930 ,obg of up is possible ?

  24. Avatar
    vinith February 09, 2016

    sr i got rank 287 can i get md derm in mamcnew delhi

  25. Avatar
    Kaustubh February 09, 2016

    My aipgmee rank 40801..and st category rank 1126 what r the chances?

  26. Avatar
    Dr. Lawrence Kindo February 09, 2016

    My AIPGMEE Rank is 29302 and ST Category Rank is 398. What clinical subjects can I expect and which colleges?

    Also, I am a Priority III candidate for AFMS Institutions. Which subjects can I expect to get? I wish to study at AFMC – Which subjects are feasible at my Rank?

  27. Avatar
    naveen k February 09, 2016

    is it possible to get pulmonary medicine in south india with air 2755 and obc category rank 806?

  28. Avatar
    hv February 11, 2016

    sir my all India rank is 8644 and sc cat rank is 319 what can i get? is peads possible?

  29. Avatar
    mehjabin February 11, 2016

    i have got 21580 rank as UR candidate. can i get MD forensic medicine from anywhere?

  30. Avatar
    Kirn February 11, 2016

    Sir…St category rank 640….any chance of dgo

  31. Avatar
    doc February 11, 2016

    sir,my AIPGMEE 2016 rank 33121 and SC cat rank 2574,, what the possibilities getting DEGREE & DIPLOMA seats in west bengal???????

  32. Avatar
    JITENDRA February 11, 2016

    Sir… 7200 rank… Any chance of ENT

  33. Avatar
    bhavani February 11, 2016

    sir my dnb rank is 9300… I’m a sc student… what can I get? is general medicine possible?

  34. Avatar
    Mahesh chape February 11, 2016

    Sir my AIR is 45153 & ST cat 1706 any chances of getting seats???

  35. Avatar
    pavan February 12, 2016

    Sir my aipg rank is 32000 and st rank is 560…..any possibility of DCH..?

  36. Avatar
    Dr simmi kumari February 12, 2016

    hello sir , i got AIR-22639 in UR category in aipgmee2016, can i get any seat.

  37. Avatar
    doc February 13, 2016

    sir,thnk u .sir,plz tell can iget COMMUNITY MEDICINE /BIOCHEMISTRY IN good colleges of west bengal?????? can i get PATHOLGY (M.D) in any college if yes pls tell probable states?????

  38. Avatar
    Pushpa February 13, 2016

    sir all india rank is 11733, category rank 3536.. is there a chance to get pathology in karnataka?/

  39. Avatar
    sharanabasava February 13, 2016

    sir, my aipgmee overall rank s 11142, sc category rank s 457.what are the possibilities?

  40. Avatar
    sharanabasava February 13, 2016

    sir, my aipgmee overall rank s 11142. sc category rank s 457. can i get general medicine in any government college?

  41. Avatar
    ajay kumar February 14, 2016

    which are the universities in india allowing second PG degree???

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 14, 2016

      All of them allow. There is no such rule that a person cannot pursue a second PG degree in MCI PG Medical regulations.

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 14, 2016

      All of them allow. There is no such rule that a person cannot pursue a second PG degree in MCI PG Medical regulations.

  42. Avatar
    Dr winning February 14, 2016

    My Aipgmee rank is16698 obc rank is 5088
    Any chance of getting clinical degree

  43. Avatar
    Arnold Ashu February 14, 2016

    sir 7200 air can I get pathology?

  44. Avatar
    Arjun February 15, 2016

    Sir , 2617 gen cat .. Pulmo medicine possible ?

  45. Avatar
    revathi February 15, 2016

    What is recognised pulmonary med?? Wid 2008 all india rank is it possible to get pulmonary medicine?

  46. Avatar
    Anbu February 15, 2016

    Respected sir,my air rank is 33991,sc cat rank is 2682 .wat can i expect and where sir???

  47. Avatar
    kalpana February 15, 2016

    sir my AIR 12747 OBC rank 3650 what degree can i get

  48. Avatar
    Sonu February 16, 2016

    Sir my gen rank 3326 n obc rank 962,can i get obsgyn ? If yes in which college,plz reply

  49. Avatar
    happy February 16, 2016

    Sir my air is6957 and sc cat rank is 229 .. Can I have bj amdavad’s skin seat..

  50. Avatar
    kriti February 16, 2016

    sir my rank is 20k -ur category. What can I expect?

  51. Avatar
    Aditi February 17, 2016

    Hello sir at air 2530 u r can I get md obg and wat colleges sud I prefer

  52. Avatar
    Ojasvini February 17, 2016

    sir i got AIPGMEE ~2016 ,AIR 18748 and nd obc girls rank is 5719..please suggest which branch i can get in aipgmee councelling

  53. Avatar
    Sushma February 18, 2016

    My AI rank is 40595 and in ST category it is 1095.what can I expect.

  54. Avatar
    raj February 18, 2016

    my gen rank 18649…nd sc rank 1036…any chance of getting clinical degree seat ?what can i get?

  55. Avatar
    Doc_in February 18, 2016

    Sir , what clinical subject & which colleges can I expect with my AIR rank of 16997 & sc rank of 881 ???

  56. Avatar
    kj February 18, 2016

    Hello sir, at my rank i may get psychological medicine.But i dont know anything about the field.Can you plz shed some light on it?What is the differnce betwenn pychological medicine and psychiatry?

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 20, 2016

      Diploma in Psychiatry is called DPM (Diploma in psychological medicine). Course duration is the only difference.
      About Psychiatry as a speciality, from what I have heard, you have to do general practice along with psychiatry practice as in India still fewer patients are ready to visit a psychiatrist. But there are many successful Psychiatrists who earn a lot of money.

  57. Avatar
    avivar February 18, 2016

    Hello, sir
    my air is 1514, UR.
    What colleges can i realistically target for MD Medicine?
    Thanks in advance

  58. Avatar
    anree February 18, 2016


  59. Avatar
    Siddharth Tomar February 19, 2016

    Sir my allindia rank is 2574, can i get DMRD at this rank

  60. Avatar
    Thangjam Amit Singh February 20, 2016

    Dear sir, my gen rank is 13002 n SC rank 576,what can I expect n where?

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 20, 2016

      MD Anaesthesia, MS Gen. Surgery, MD OBGy, DCH, MD Radiotherapy etc. Institutes are not very predictable.

  61. Avatar
    Abhinit February 21, 2016

    Sir at 6500 UR rank, what are my best options?(if I don’t want to waste another year)

  62. Avatar
    Rudrakhshi roy February 21, 2016

    Sir,my aipgmee 2016 general rank 20347, sc rank 1189.. Is there any possibility of getting dip tb and chest medicine / dgo in west bengal??

  63. Avatar
    Sanara Fox February 21, 2016

    Sir,my aipgmee 2016 general rank is 20347, sc rank dere any possibility of getting dip tb and chest medicine / dgo/ MD tropical medicine in WEST BENGAL??? Plz reply, sir

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 21, 2016

      Your query is similar to one asked by another student. As you are on the edge, you can get those diploma courses only if you are lucky.

  64. Avatar
    Rahul kumar February 21, 2016

    hello sir, my all Aipgmee 2016 rank 20089 in UR,, can i get any seats or start again.

  65. Avatar
    dhurga February 21, 2016

    sir, i got all india rank 2109, can i get MD OG seat in tamilnadu or anywhere in south india?

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 24, 2016

      You can get Bangalore. Exact institute is difficult to predict but many institutes in south should be possible.

  66. Avatar
    pravin February 21, 2016

    Sir my st rank is 560 can i get surgery..?

  67. Avatar
    Sonu February 22, 2016

    Sir with general rank 9539 and sc rank 376 can i get derma? Sir Plz reply

  68. Avatar
    dr gopi February 22, 2016

    hi sir, my all india rank is 18041, my sc cat rank is 990, from karnataka.
    what are my chances for getting clinical master?

  69. Avatar
    Sri chowdary February 23, 2016

    Sir my air 3500 any chance of obg degree??

  70. Avatar
    Dr rashni February 23, 2016

    Sir my aipgmee rank is 3646 nd dnb rank 1413….whhich one to prefer for clinical in west bengal?

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli February 24, 2016

      Totally depends on your choice. Take a seat in the specialty in which you have interest and not just because you are getting a seat.

  71. Avatar
    Sudha Madhuri February 24, 2016

    Aipg rank 6703. UR cat. What could I possible get sir?

      • Avatar
        Sudha Madhuri March 09, 2016

        DA or DOMS sir? Which one is better sir? Confused sir. Please help me out. Thank you sir.

        • Avatar
          Dr. Paresh Koli March 09, 2016

          You are affording enough to buy expensive machines for a private setup go for Ophthalmology otherwise DA.

  72. Avatar
    S.MALINI February 25, 2016

    sir my air s 24519 and obc rank is 7449,could i get any nonclinical courses?

  73. Avatar
    meet patel February 26, 2016

    1510 rank… bjmc Ahmedabad surgery possible?

  74. Avatar
    Sahil February 26, 2016

    my Air rank is 11500 n belongs to sc category.. N cat rank is 485 wt cn i expect??

  75. Avatar
    Sahil February 26, 2016

    My allindia rank 11591 …and cat rank 485 ..wat can i expect…

  76. Avatar
    SAHA February 26, 2016

    SAHA sir AIR rank 31545 sc 2382 any chance for microbiology /biochemistry

  77. Avatar
    03602247508 February 26, 2016

    St rank 595 n over all 34250.whether icn get ny seat..plz reply

  78. Avatar
    Shweta February 27, 2016

    Hello sir,
    Sir my AIR is 6495 and SC-210 can I get MD Obgy in decent college??? And plz can u suggest me institutions good for obgy tht I can get at this rank.. u reply will be a great help sir… Thanx in advance..

  79. Avatar
    SAHA February 28, 2016

    Tumpa sir my air 31545 sc 2382 pl tell me the possibilities

  80. Avatar
    suresh February 28, 2016

    I am st cat…my ai rank is 33400….any possibility of clinical diploma…. dgo ,dch, dortho……?

  81. Avatar
    Gagan February 28, 2016

    Sir my general rank 44432,sc rank 5112 , any chance of getting forensic medicine

  82. Avatar
    Pravin February 28, 2016

    My air is 12621and SC cast rank is 540. What will I get?

  83. Avatar
    rahul February 29, 2016

    sir what will i get ..AIR 24898 and cat. is 1636 ????

  84. Avatar
    03602247508 February 29, 2016

    St 595 n all India rank I get Md.anesthesia,dgo n Dch.plz reply.thank u

  85. Avatar
    pooja March 02, 2016

    UR 26 K (Rajasthan) – any chance to get non clinical in state counseling ?

  86. Avatar
    AHM March 02, 2016

    Sir, air 5591, UR category, what are the possibilities sir? Thank you in advance

  87. Avatar
    Deepa March 02, 2016

    Sir,my rank aipgme is 9270, UR, what can I expect..?

  88. Avatar
    praveena March 02, 2016

    sir my gen rank in aipg 7296 and catb rank s 2153 wat are all d diplomo seats possible for me

  89. Avatar
    reetu goyal March 03, 2016

    Sir my air ur -10538
    can i get any diploma thru all india

  90. Avatar
    pinky n March 04, 2016

    sir my dnb rank is 11k and aipgmee is 14k. what are the chances

  91. Avatar
    shweta March 04, 2016

    sir my AIPG 2016 rank in 6812 is there any chance of anaesthisiology, pathology in haryana,delhi

  92. Avatar
    Amit March 04, 2016

    Sir, my gen rank is 13002. What can I expect?

  93. Avatar
    rohu March 04, 2016

    what will i get sir ..air is 24898 n cat is 1636

      • Avatar
        rohu March 06, 2016

        sir in which college i get MD patho and DA anaesthesia???
        no chance of ophtha???

        • Avatar
          Dr. Paresh Koli March 06, 2016

          DA can be got in non-major cities. MD Pathology may be possible in cities like Ahmedabad. MS Ophthalmology is not possible. DOMS is possible.

          • Avatar
            rohu March 07, 2016

            SIR which one is better?? DA/DOMS/MD PATH ???
            or should i drop n prepare for next year..m confused

          • Avatar
            Dr. Paresh Koli March 07, 2016

            DA is as good as MD Anaesthesia; you can even choose to do a fellowship in critical care or pain medicine after that. Consider DOMS if you are planning to buy a setup and money is not an issue to you.
            MD Pathology is also a very good branch.

          • Avatar
            rohu March 07, 2016

            money is an important issue to me..i cant afford..k then ill not go for ophtha.
            but sir what about MD PATH OR DA??should i do this? IF YES, then which one is better since MD PATH is a degree & DA is a diploma??n kindly tell colleges ill get in these two according to my rank..
            IF NO,should i prepare again??bcz this is my first attempt in aipg..
            kindly advice me in details sir..thanx a lot

          • Avatar
            Dr. Paresh Koli March 08, 2016

            If you are more clinically focusses then go for DA otherwise MD Pathology. Anaesthesia is one of the very few branches in which a degree and a diploma candidate is not discriminated in the hospitals.
            Regarding dropping for a year, if you are confident that you can crack the exam again and get a better rank than you can consider it. Also if you are not happy with MD Pathology or DA which you are getting then it is better to drop.

          • Avatar
            rohu March 09, 2016

            thanx sir for ur advice ..can u please tell me for DA which colleges i’ll get n in which state
            same for MD PATH which colleges i’ll get n in which state..i require college close to delhi..
            kindly reply sir ..thank you….

          • Avatar
            Dr. Paresh Koli March 11, 2016

            Colleges are difficult to predict. You can have a look at previous year’s allotment lists to get an idea.

      • Avatar
        rohu March 10, 2016

        thanx sir..could you please tell me the colleges n the state where i can get the DA ??
        KINDLY REPLY ..

        • Avatar
          rohu March 12, 2016

          k sir..i saw the list..last year those colleges who offered DA ,not offering DA this year..they have MD..m not getting any idea now..
          can i get DA in up/punjab/gujarat/rajasthan/maharasthra/mp ?????kindly reply sir…..

          • Avatar
            Dr. Paresh Koli March 13, 2016

            As you are on the edge you might get a seat in like Assam.

          • Avatar
            rohu March 13, 2016

            i saw the list sir..there is only one seat in assam for DA i.e. in guwahati..
            is there any chance to get a seat in any other states???could u help me to know what states are my possibilities????
            otherwise ill leave all this n start to prepare again..dont want to waste the time..
            thanku sir..

          • Avatar
            Dr. Paresh Koli March 14, 2016

            As you are on the edge it is better to start the preparation right now only. Do not wait till the allotment. You will be wasting your time. If you get a desired seat in the allotment then take it as a bonus and join the seat.

          • Avatar
            rohu March 14, 2016

            k thank u sir…

  94. Avatar
    Vivenne March 05, 2016

    Hello sir
    What subjects can I expect for ai rank 39380 and ST category rank 952. Kindly help.

  95. Avatar
    Sanara fox March 06, 2016

    Sir,my aipgmee gen rank 20347 and sc rank 1189.. Which degrees can i expect in west bengal?? Plz reply sir

  96. Avatar
    gajendra March 06, 2016

    sir my rank is 23000 all over …im a general candidate ,can i get any seat

  97. Avatar
    Hc March 07, 2016

    Aipg rank 14000, obc cat rank 4500..any chances of diploma??

  98. Avatar
    Th. Amit March 08, 2016

    Sir, my gen rank is 13k n SC rank 576. Is there any chance of anaesthesia / ophthalmology in Delhi?

  99. Avatar
    skk March 09, 2016

    Sir my AIR rank is around 40 k and my St rank is 1569 can I get in any clinical branch?

  100. Avatar
    saralin kharkrang March 09, 2016

    Sir my AIR is 40 k and my st rank is1569.can I probably get chance in any clinical subject or like paeds or dermatology??

  101. Avatar
    sweety March 09, 2016

    sir my AIR 12746 OBC rank 3685 can i get any seats in tamilnadu &kerala

  102. Avatar
    sweety March 09, 2016

    sir my AIR 12747 OBC rank 3685 can i get any degree in tamilnadu&kerala

  103. Avatar
    Jilimili March 09, 2016

    Sir what will i get st rank 863 and air 38691, any chanceof getting md patho, md psychiatry

  104. Avatar
    harshitha March 09, 2016

    My rank is 4847 Any chance of clinicals obg?

  105. Avatar
    vijayalakshmi March 10, 2016 air is 5336,,,can I get dgo in tn or kerela…

  106. Avatar
    Arjun March 10, 2016

    Sir what is geriatric medicine is the scope of branch .. my chances at 2617 ?

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli March 11, 2016

      Might be possible if you are lucky. I do not know about it’s scope as no one in my contact is doing that course.

  107. Avatar
    Arjun March 10, 2016

    What is better ms ent or md psych for north Indian as per settlement? I Like medicinal part more

  108. Avatar
    Vijay March 11, 2016

    Sir my rank Aipgee 18300.any chance of getting a seat.thank u

  109. Avatar
    chandra March 12, 2016

    hi paresh sir i saw an earlier comment by you saying that DM Medical genentics in SGPGI is open for all master degree holders, are you sure as it clearly mentions that in wesite that only MD GEN MED, MD PEADS and MS OBG are only eligible

  110. Avatar
    03602247508 March 12, 2016

    With Stcategory rank 595 and all India rank 34250. Is mdpathology..micro n md psychiatry possible.

  111. Avatar
    Dr. bhargav March 12, 2016

    my all india rank 7595. is that DGO possible in any round? and if not any clinical branch in any round? repl

  112. Avatar
    Dr. bhargav March 12, 2016

    any chance of DGO in air 7595 in any round? or can i get any clinical branch in any round?

  113. Avatar
    Dr.Anoop March 12, 2016

    Sir, AIPG 13800 rank…General Category….any possiblities?

  114. Avatar
    swastika March 13, 2016

    helo sir…my aipgmee rank 7000 and obc rank 2300….wat r d options..?…can i get md obg or optha…?….plz suggest….thanku in advance

  115. Avatar
    sudhanshu March 13, 2016

    Sir,my rank is 3486 in AIPGMEE 2016..what are the possibilities of getting MD Clinical seats in non-bond area??

    • Avatar
      sudhanshu March 13, 2016

      Sir,my rank is 3486 in AIPGMEE 2016..what are the possibilities of getting MD Clinical seats in non-bond area?? i am from General Category…is there any chance of MS Optha or MD (Gyane)..does this year seats have increased in AIPGMEE 2016

      • Avatar
        Sudhanshu March 15, 2016

        Sir,i am waiting for your reply !!!!

        • Avatar
          Dr. Paresh Koli March 15, 2016

          There are not too many non-bond areas in India. I think Delhi and MP are from the few. MP might be possible for you.

  116. Avatar
    DEEPIKA TAMHANKAR March 13, 2016

    sir, my aipg rank is 5000..what can i get in maharashtra?? please reply

      • Avatar
        DEEPIKA TAMHANKAR March 17, 2016

        Is it possible to get in Mumbai ? pune? . also my maharashtra stste CET rank is 445. what are my possibilities to get a clinical seat in mumbai/pune?

      • Avatar
        DEEPIKA TAMHANKAR March 18, 2016

        thank you for your reply.
        sir can you give me any idea about what i can get in maharashtra with a state cet rank of 445 in clinical fields?
        also once we take admission in any hosp via aipg, what is the amount of money we get back if we surrender that seat for some other seat?

      • Avatar
        Deepika Arun Tamhankar March 18, 2016

        thank you for your reply sir. also could you give me some idea what i can get in maharashtra with a state cet rank of 445 in clinicals?
        also if i take admission via aipg and surrender that seat for a better seat somewhere else den what amount of money i will get back?

  117. Avatar
    jmr March 14, 2016

    Sir, my all india rank 32674 and ST category rank 537…any chance for dch or dtcd?

  118. Avatar
    virinder pal singh March 14, 2016

    My Rank is 5231 in Unreserved Category, which SUBJECT/College I should fill up in the counselling

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli March 14, 2016

      Colleges are difficult to predict but you can have a look at previous few year’s allotment lists and see which institute or seat has gone at ranks around yours at present.

  119. Avatar
    lildude90 March 14, 2016

    Sir, my AIPG rank 32674 and ST category rank 537..any chance of getting dch or dtcd?

  120. Avatar
    dhaani March 14, 2016

    sir,my overall rank 14000 sc girl ..what are the chances??

  121. Avatar
    srikanth March 15, 2016

    Hi Dr. Paresh Koli sir , My rank in AIPGMEE 2016 is 15426 unreserved category, Is there any chances that to get any diploma clinicals in north india ( assam ) till last round of counselling ?

  122. Avatar
    srikanth March 15, 2016

    hi sir my aipgmee rank is 15426 unreserved candidate , is there any chance to get diploma clinicals till last round of counselling ?

  123. Avatar
    sujata March 15, 2016

    Sir my aipg rank is 5977 n obc rank is 1754..what r chances of getting clinical branch???

  124. Avatar
    sujata March 15, 2016

    sir my aipg rank is 5977 n obc rank 1754…what r my chances of getting clinical branch???

  125. Avatar
    SK Singh March 16, 2016

    At gen rank 13k n SC 576, any chance of anaesthesia /ophthalmology in rims imphal?

  126. Avatar
    Pintu March 16, 2016

    23900 general (ur)chances of diplo or dgree any where india?

  127. Avatar
    natasha March 16, 2016

    my air 23613 cat rank(sc) 1513 …any clinical or diploma in north possible?

  128. Avatar
    virinder pal singh March 17, 2016

    What are the prospects of Diploma in ENT, Ophthalmolgy and M.D. (Radio Therapy)

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli March 18, 2016

      For a diploma I think Ophthalmology is a better option if you are planning to create a setup and do practice of your own. Out there degree and a diploma would not matter much.

  129. Avatar
    aparna March 17, 2016

    sir can u pls tell me cut off ranks for..MD obg, ophtha, anesthesia and respiratory medicine

  130. Avatar
    Ashish Nadda March 18, 2016

    37045 overall rank and 716 st cat rank..what are the best best subject for this scores?

  131. Avatar
    virinder pal singh March 18, 2016


    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli March 19, 2016

      Prefer MD radiotherapy if you have liking for Oncology as you can do DM Oncology after that. MD Emergency medicine is very well paid job but doctors always have to be on their toes and it is high pressure job.

  132. Avatar
    SAHA March 19, 2016

    Sir with AIR 31545 SC rank 2382 what can I get.Pl tell

  133. Avatar
    Dr.Kp March 22, 2016

    Sir my aipg rank 15400 & obc rank 4700.. any clinical or diploma or patho…which ones may i get ??

  134. Avatar
    Dr c March 31, 2016

    Sir how many sc seats are there for gen surgery in aipgmee

  135. Avatar
    Dr c March 31, 2016

    At what general rank and category rank can I expect gen surgery

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli April 01, 2016

      This post gives general category rank for all the branches. I don’t have details of categeroy ranks.

  136. Avatar
    SAHA April 21, 2016

    sir, my AIR is 31545 sc 2382 what can I get in second round of counselling

  137. Avatar
    SAHA April 22, 2016

    Str AIR 31545 sc 2382 pl tell what i can get

  138. Avatar
    JAY April 22, 2016

    sir my ST rank 1200 air 42086 any chances of getting in 2nd round i got nothing in 1st round

  139. Avatar
    Baban May 25, 2016

    Sir aipg rank 7000..and obc rank 2000..was there any possibility for me in aipg

  140. Avatar
    Bhajraj Mohanandia June 08, 2016

    Sir I am a SC student what should be my AI rank to get seat in Paediatrics New Delhi??

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli June 24, 2016

      That is a difficult thing to say but you can have a look at previous years allotment lists and see at what ranks seats in Delhi have been allotted.

  141. Avatar
    Namrata Bhattacharya July 19, 2016

    Can you please let me know what was the closing rank for open counselling for aiims md ms course in jan 2016?

  142. Avatar
    Dr.Aayush July 22, 2016

    sir i am an intern and will be giving exam next year can u please tell how much marks i have to score to get surgery in neet OBC cat

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli July 24, 2016

      In exams like NEET marks are not shown, it is the score which is normalized. But answering 65-70% of the questions correctly should suffice according to me.

  143. Avatar
    rohit August 01, 2016

    Sir do u have any idea about dnb….
    What should be the options at 10000 rank under sc …
    Priority in Delhi…

  144. Avatar
    Souvik Samaddar August 03, 2016

    Hello sir, I am currently doing my internship and I found this page extremely useful..can you please tell me at what rank I should target for getting RIO MUMBAI??

      • Avatar
        Souvik Samaddar August 13, 2016

        Regional Institute of Ophthalmology(RIO),mumbai

        • Avatar
          Dr. Paresh Koli August 14, 2016

          I don’t know the exact rank but you should see previous years allotment lists to see the ranks at which a seat at a particular institute has gone.

  145. Avatar
    prabhakar singh August 06, 2016

    At what rnk chance of derma seat aipgmee

    • Avatar
      Dr. Paresh Koli August 07, 2016

      This article has details of all the ranks in past few years to get seats in various branches including Dermatology.

  146. Avatar
    puneet singh August 16, 2016

    sir i got 482 marks in neet i am in general category can i get mbbs in any govt. college my general cat rank in 7112 n all india rank is 11112

  147. Avatar
    gillani September 05, 2016

    sir my dnb rank is 13500 . i m general cat can i expect anything

  148. Avatar
    gillani September 05, 2016

    sir i got 13500 rank in dnb . i m general cat . can i expect anything

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