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KEM Hospital Resident Doctors Assaulted by Patient’s Relatives with Iron Rod

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    Today morning KEM Hospital Pediatric resident doctors were assaulted by relatives of a patient admitted in the pediatric ward of KEM Hospital and Seth G. S. Medical College.

    The patient was a case of Dengue shock syndrome and had come with non-recordable pulse and BP. There was no vacancy in ICU. Patients relatives were explained about the bad condition of the child and non-availability of ICU bed by the resident doctors. They had also taken high-risk consent. In spite of the non-availability of the ICU bed, relatives were ready to get the patient admitted in the general ward. All necessary medications were started and relatives were explained about the worsening condition every half hourly by the doctors. After this 4 male relatives rushed into the ward. Only a female security guards were there (from Eagle pvt security and not KEM Hospital security) who ran away after seeing the situation. Patient’s relatives took up an iron stool, iron rod and wooden stick lying in the ward and beat up Dr. Suhas, Dr. Kushal, and Dr. Puneet. A glimpse of the wounds on he bodies of the residents can be seen in the pictures.

    Resident doctors have decided to go on a mass bunk from 25th September 2015 morning.

    This is a very common thing seen in the government hospitals of India. Consequences of the lack of facilities by the authorities have to be faced by the doctors, who also have to face the anger of the patients and their relatives. There are an increasing number of dengue cases and no improvements in the facilities. Also, poor security adds up to this issue. Even after repeated strikes by the resident doctors, no improvement in security can be seen which comes into the picture by this kind of assaults.


    Update (On 26/09/2015): One of the assaulted doctors, Dr. Punit Garg has put a detailed version of the incident on a Facebook post. It says,

    There’s a lot of bullshit going around in the media about the assault on me and 2 of my colleagues. This is my side of the story.
    The patient Abusufiyan came into our emergency department at around 9:30 pm when my 12 hr shift was just about to end. He was in shock with no recordable pulse and blood pressure and was barely breathing .. We immediately counselled the parents about the child’s condition and non-availability of ICU beds. They gave us the go ahead .. within 10 mins of his arrival our team of 5 paediatricians had secured 2 iv lines and orogastric tube and catheterised that patient and put him on oxygen .. child was immediately started on fluids and inotropes as per proper protocols .. his blood tests showed that he had dengue ..We managed to revive the child but only just ..We counselled the patient repeatedly on the child’s critical condition and child could go bad anytime . The child then had to be shifted from emergency to the general ward as we were receiving other equally serious patients.
    In the ward, we kept a close watch on the patient .but the worst happened. The patient collapsed around 4 am. We immediately gave CPR but were unable to revive the child .. We continued ventilating the patient and informed the relatives about the child’s condition.
    At around 5 am while I was putting an iv line for another serious dengue patient I heard shouting and looked up to see one of the relatives charging me with an iron stool barely 10 feet from me. I reflexly put my hand up in defence .3 times that man tried to bludgeon my head with the stool .twice I saved myself and third time the stool grazed my head but fortunately one of my seniors Dr. Suhas held that relative back from further blows .. then the other 3 relatives pounced on Dr. Suhas and my other senior Dr. Kushal .. We managed to fend them off ..Suhas sustained lacerations on his back and arms and Kushal got bluny on his arms and chest with an iron rod ..but we barely escaped ..
    For about 10 mins, we were in absolute shock. After that the realisation hit me that this could have been the final moments of my life .. ended at the whims of some crazed person. Not just that my female colleagues and other patients children and mothers could have been badly hurt or worse .
    This is wrong ! I have worked so hard to get here .. I slog day and night for these people .. sleeping less than 40 hours a week. Some days skipping meals ..for what ?? We need to take a stand .enough is enough.


    NEET PG 2017 admission management/ NRI quota

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