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Update by MHPGMCET 2014 Counselling aid Facebook page for hearing on 20/03/2014

“Summary of Today’s hearing 20/3/2014

The bench comprising JUSTICE MOHTA and JUSTICE SONAK had different views on the issue
1) Justice sonak is in favour of our side(non in service/ regular )stating that in this case MCI regulation of giving only 50% diploma to In service candidate should be followed and state govt shoiuld follow MCI guidelines .

2) Justice Mohta is in favour of In service candidate stating that govt of maharashtra has not implemented MCI regulation from 2009
and suddenly they cant withdraw DEGREE reservation from In service candidate as it will affect Rural health care so Govt of maharashtra should follow last year policy (25% degree +25 % diploma)

so now due to these different opinions of judges the case will be discussed in front of DIVISIONAL BENCH on Monday 24th March 2014
and probably verdict will be delivered on Monday 4 pm

Thanks for support”

NEET PG 2017 admission management/ NRI quota

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